Saturday, November 26, 2016

IBS Psalm 51:10

I love this verse. It's a beautiful prayer which we should all be praying on a constant basis. I'm able to see a couple things that the psalmist, David, was praying. First is his desire to have the Lord change something within him. It needs to be a prayer not only for myself but for all Christians. That the Lord will look into us and find what is holding us back from communion with Him. I know that during the training phase as well as the field time of IGNITE, I've had to ask the Lord this question. What was revealed to me was several things. One of them was forgiveness to a fellow intern. Because I was holding a grudge on someone around me, I was also holding back my relationship with the Lord. I'm reminded of the rich young ruler who went to Jesus. After a short 'evaluation' of the young man Jesus said that he lacked one thing. He had a love for money and possessions that hindered him from having a relationship with the Lord. The second thing that I saw is that David wanted a steadfast spirit within him. What does this mean? That the psalmist, as well as whoever prays this prayer with a heart that desires to be changed, not only wants to be made new; but he wants it to be continual. It's easy to be the Christian that lives the life they should; but quickly falls in their walk with the Lord and it happens with them often. However we aren't meant to be like that. Being steadfast means to be constant and fixed on a point. Unmovable and not changing course or direction. It's a dark place to be, when a Christian just isn't walking straight like he or she should. It's one thing we need to be careful not to do, as well as encourage those around us to not do. For application I will ask my team members how they see my walk with the Lord. And I hope that the feedback I will get shows me what I should change in my own life.

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